One comment on “The Merits of Kumon

  1. Nice article! I am currently stuck in level O at the age of 16 (Yes… yes… I took my bloody time…) around O20 and other places. I’m starting to understand it only to encounter more obstacles that are considerably hard. At this rate, I’m probably going to just finish this up and be done with Kumon.

    Despite going through quite a bit of pain and having to do a ton of work whilst my peers (as did in your situation) relaxed really tore at my spirits. After a while though, I started to enjoy it more around level L. I then accelerated quickly into level N and before I knew it, I was in level O! I didn’t do that well in level N and have had problems with it and I managed to get to level O. My teacher said that level O was easier than level N for her and I assume that’s because she understood level N well whereas I did not. That may be a problem but I’ll find the topics of level N, search them online and master them.

    I am a recovering computer-game addict who played “World of Tanks” too much. Even if I changed schools, I got demoted from 2nd place with the valedictorian winning by only a FEW points in grade 9 to 8TH PLACE in 10th grade with a bunch of strangers in a rather poorly-run system in CIE. I find that quite troublesome and thus abandoned the game.

    Undeniably as you’ve mentioned in your article, Kumon math has helped me improve my math skills to such a level that I can just do all the math quickly on paper with a high success rate. Almost everyone else likes to use calculators and I tend not to except in some of the examinations wherein you HAVE to use it because of the ridiculous time limit… Even with a calculator, you end up with a mere 10 minutes to spare or even worse on one occasion, going over the time limit and STILL not finishing (Business class) because you forgot a simple rule that wasn’t emphasized and thus missed (He probably mentioned it for like 3 seconds and went on quickly… Someone likely distracted me during that time. Now I won’t listen to anyone around me if it’s not an emergency during discussions due to multiple incidences. I hope they aren’t doing this on purpose… Maybe they caught on to my past performance because some of them seem to be challenging me…)

    Anyways, Kumon math has helped me greatly. Thanks Kumon and Mr., good article you’ve written there! O is a fearsome level…

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