3 comments on “To My Friends

  1. Friend!! I know you’d like to preserve your anonymity so i won’t call you out by name, but HS would have been so much less fun if it weren’t for you. Never thought that we would become as close friends as we did (hoping this ain’t one sided), cause the God of churchill does not simply befriend a studious brown boy. You’re actually a relly funny guy, but honestly man, if you open your inhibitions a bit, there’s some potentially crazy times to be had between us. Not that I’m a peer pressurer. Anyways, I’m here for you no matter what comes man, if you ever feel like pouring out your heart and soul. Doubtful though. Keep it fresh in university! I know you will. The rest of the world isn’t like your english class.

    With love,

    the man @oceanaffairs.

    ps. any one reading this post, go to my blog to find some fresh music. please. your views feed my family. OCEANAFFAIRS


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