One comment on “My First Big Mac

  1. This review is interesting. I was in the ‘thoughts’ tag because I wanted to see other peoples ‘thoughts’ and not deep poems or other deep poetry… or whatever. Thank you! I have finally found a thought, even if it’s about a big mac, I’m 100% more interested in your burger review than deep poetry about deep things.
    I know I shouldn’t be getting in too deep about a /burger/… but like, how often have you had McD’s in the first place? I’m like, not even old, but I have had enough McD’s burgers to say they all taste pretty much the same. Differences between them going as far as one having chicken (wow!) and another has beef (wow again!) and another has a ‘special’ sauce (marvelous variety we are getting here right?), and the bic mac is special because it is… big. I found it interesting that you had found it bland, because then all the food at Mc donald’s is bland. Since I was (unfortunately?) introduced into such fast food restaurants at an earlier age, the addictive chemicals or whatever that gets put into the burger is what I would say tastes ‘nice’, big special mac, or not, they’re all the same. I hope I didn’t annoy you with my thoughts on your thoughts.
    I’m sorry about the scam thing, I hate it when things like that happen too. And sorry if you didn’t want some random comment from someone who hasn’t been following you (until now ;D). Hope you don’t mind.

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